Why Vincci Hotel Arena sucks?

Just because they steal property of their clients.

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For now here is our emailing thread below:

Dear Mr. Calero,

We stayed at Vincci Arena for our honey moon, and we had our wedding

glasses stolen from our room. The principal PROMISED to compensate for

the glasses, but now the Manager is saying they won't and is even

rejecting the very fact of glasses existance. Pls read the

correspondence below. We're enclosing the picture of the glasses in

the hotel before they were stolen. We urge you to pay attention to

this matter, as it casts a shadow on your chain reputation.

Looking fwd to your response.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: ******@gmail.com>

Date: 15.11.2007 13:31

Subject: Re: Fwd: wedding metal glasses stolen from hotel room 602

To: "ramon.alegret@vinccihoteles.com" < ramon.alegret@vinccihoteles.com>

Dear Mr. Ramon Alegret Grau,

I agree with you totally about the safety box. But there is a little

problem with this logic - your reception people ADMITTED that the

cleaning lady took them out of the room - therefore obviously it was

very well KNOWN to them that they were in the room. The second problem

is that your reception PROMISED (as they said the PRINCIPAL promised)

to reimburse when the checks are received.

If from the very beginning they would have said that there was no

glasses, there was no proof they were there, that would have been

clear. Sorry, I do not wear dictophone on me, as I'm dealing mostle

with decent people. I have to travel a lot - I work in

advertising agency and have a lot of business

trips, and nothing like this ever happened to me. It is APPALLING and

INAPPROPRIATE to say now that there were no glasses. Actually, the day

before the incident they were also taken out of the room - but they

were found. So, the fact that they were there are very well known by

your staff. It's a pity we didn't hide them the next day. We had a lot

of things - like clothes for example - worth of the same amount of

money. Would you suggest that we should have put dresses, jackets, etc

into the safe? Anyway - pls talk to your reception, I doubt that they

will lie on the fact that cleaning lady admitted she took the glasses.

And from the very beginning they were assuring us we will be

compensated - it was not our idea - as we wanted to get the glasses

back most of all. Which they failed to provide.

Second - your reception PROMISED that Prinicipal PROMISED to

compensate for the glasses if we provided the checks. They could have

said - but they didn't - that we had to put them in the safe.

Probably, they were just trying to be decent - as this is the honey

moon, and they didn't want to spoil it. Another idea that comes to my

mind is that they just wanted us to leave for Russia - hoping that

this is far, and we won't be able to do anything.

Pls provide me with the contact of the PRINCIPAL. It would be

interesting to talk to a Top Manager who breaks promises so easily.

This is something very new to me.



2007/11/15, ramon.alegret@vinccihoteles.com < ramon.alegret@vinccihoteles.com>:

> > > First of all accept my apologizes for my delay to answer you. As per

> your e-mail, I regret so much this unfortunate event and I would like

> to explain you that it was not my intention not leave my responsability.

> > I reported all the event to our legal deparment and as per our chain

> instructions, we would like to explain you next information:

> > On the check-in, all of our guests have been informed to sign a form

> where are all the details about the security and responsibility of any

> valuable object. In this welcome form also appears the room number

> with the arrival and departure date, and finally, after the

> registration made by our reception staff, we give it to our guest and

> we add also the room card. On the right of the form, the instructions

> are:

> > "This hotel offers you a safety deposit box, declining any

> responsability for the loss of any valuable object not placed in it".

> > As per my information, we don't have any register about your request

> to deposit in our safety box any personal valuable object and we have

> your welcome card signed. We would like also inform you that all the

> staff have been selected through hard programs and all of them have

> our confidence from the first moment that they are considerer our staff.

> > We could understand your are so angry but we can not check if you have

> or not on the room a wedding glasses and as we have said before, we

> are confident our staff and it is the first time that it happens

> something like that. Probably, if we have thieves in our hotel, we

> will have a lot of claims and is not the case.

> > Unfortunatly we could not make any reimbursement following our hotel

> security instructions and our safety details.

> > Anyway, don't hesitate to contact me for any request you will need.

> > Yours sincerely,


> Ramon Alegret Grau

> General Manager

> > > > > > > ---------- Forwarded message ----------

> > From: *****@gmail.com>

> > Date: 09.11.2007 15:44

> > Subject: Re: wedding metal glasses stolen from hotel room 602

> > To: "arena@vinccihoteles.com" < arena@vinccihoteles.com>

> > > > > > Dear Manager,

> > > > I was told you will come with a reply at the beginning of the week, and now

> > is ... Friday! That's very, very unpleasant. Not only that I haven't

> > received a reimbursement yet, but you're ignoring my faxes, e-mails and

> > phone calls too!

> > > > Please solve the problem with compensation immediately otherwise I'll have

> > to contact your parent company and controlling units in tourism and hotel

> > business. > > > > Thank you.

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